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Who is your favorite top that fucked me in my gang bang scene in CUM-GREEDY FUCKHOLES?

Monday, March 1, 2010


After performing in nearly 60 movies, I am always looking to do something different in my scenes (though a couple things I still havent done, lol). For my scene with Kurt Wood, I decided to spend the entire scene fully clothed except for the ass of my jeans cut out. He rims, fingers me and fucks me like that. Then I raise my legs and let him unload his load down into my hole, which I spread open to resemble a dish to allow his load to fill it up and then gravitate and empty down into my guts. Here are a couple of pics to give you an idea.

But don't worry...the following day I stripped totally naked and gave Orion Cross two loads in the gang bang scene. So I DO get naked in the movie. But for this two way, I just wanted the focus to be my hole. lol

For the extras, ian and I also filmed ourselves JO-ing into a cumshot glass 20 times, which later ended up in Orion's ass


  1. Thanks for all the info, Sean. Love the torn jeans idea, that u got bred by him and that the next day you shot in the shot glass and deposited that in the bitch.

  2. That is so fucking hot Sean! I really get off on guys getting fucked with some of their clothes left on even if it's just an undershirt. Can't wait to view this whole scene.