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Who is your favorite top that fucked me in my gang bang scene in CUM-GREEDY FUCKHOLES?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Bareback Videography

It started in 2004, and depending on who you ask, either STORM DRAIN or CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES was my very first bareback flick. What really happened was that I had shot my first bb scene in early 2004(bottoming for TJ in STORM DRAIN)for Helix Studios, and subsequently shot 3 more scenes for the film before flying to IML that May to shoot CUMSLOPPY for Treasure Island Media. But when I returned to Ft Laud it became all too clear that STORM DRAIN was missing something, so we found two Latin guys and filmed my poolside 3-way with them to give DRAIN a better conclusion. That allowed CUMSLOPPY to get released first, with STORM DRAIN's release about a month or two later. So...I technically shot my first bb scene for Helix, but it was Treasure Island that got exposed to the world first.

After shooting those two flicks, I developed my own studio, Cre8tive Juices, but also found time to get one more bb 2way in for TIM when I flew to San Fran to shoot for Raging Stallion. Chris Ward allowed me to shoot the bb scene while I was on Stallion's dime. Thanks, Chris! The Stallion movie was THE SHAFT (which allowed me to bb with my co-star, even though 80% of what we shot raw didnt make the final cut for the condom flick), and TIM movie was FEARLESS.

All my other bb flicks were shot in-house for Cre8tive Juices.

Here's my bb videography:

CUMSLOPPY BUTTHOLES (Treasure Island Media) 2004
FEARLESS (Treasure Island Media) Filmed in 2004, released in 2007
COMING SOON: Untitled Orion Cross Gang-Bang Flick (CJ MEDIA) 2010

FYI: Check out some bareback moments that were slipped into these condom films of mine: THE SHAFT (Raging Stallion); PARTY IN THE REAR (Raging Stallion); GAY DREAMS 2 (Raging Stallion); MANHUNTER (Centaur Films); TIGHT ENDS & WIDE RECEIVERS (Centaur Films); NAVY BLUES (Centaur Films); MAN ACADEMY 2 (Centaur Films). BUT PLEASE NOTE: these are condom films and the bb footage is less than 5% of the entire filmed scenes, and the footage consists of the head of a cock barely entering my hole. Still, if you look close enough, you WILL see me getting boned raw in each of my above condom films.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Just wanted to send out a quick note stating that the gang bang scene was a success, as was my two-way the night before with Kurt Wood. In the gang bang of Orion, I also wanted to say that I REALLLLLY enjoyed giving the boy two of my cumloads. ;-)

More news and pics to follow in the cumming days and weeks.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Before this upcoming bareback-filmed weekend, I wanted to quickly announce the release of our first compilation video, BAREBACK ALL*STARS. It's a great vid of 5 hot scenes involving performers who started out in the condom film world and, like me, have crossed over to doing bareback vids. The movie is priced to sell at $29.95, and the scenes have been pulled from STORM SURGE, FEEDING FRENZY, JUICED: THE NEED TO BREED, and CUM-GREEDY FUCKHOLES. You can order this movie at

THe Bareback All*Stars are:
*me, Sean Storm (who did work for Centaur, Falcon and Raging Stallion, among other studios)
*Brad McGuire (Centaur, Catalina, Falcon, MSR, etc)
*Drew Peters (Centaur, Studio 2000)
*Jake Marshall (Titan, Falcon)
*Dino PHillips (Centaur, Falcon, Great Dane)
*Michael Foxx (Raging Stallion)
*Bo Knight (Raging Stallion)
*Billy Lee London (Centaur)
*Abram Rodriguez (Raging Stallion)

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Next Two Bareback Scenes

I have two bareback scenes coming up to shoot for my company. The first will take place on February 19th. I will be getting my hole boned raw and filled up with some NYC cum, courtesy of big-dicked Kurt Wood. Kurt and I have been wanting to work together for awhile, and so I couldnt resist flying him from NY to FTL to do the shoot. My 1 on 1 with Kurt actually isnt the main reason he is cumming. The real reason we have Kurt cumming is this...

On Feb 20th, Cre8tive Juices is producing our second gang bang scene, this one having Orion Cross being drilled and filled with, at the moment, 7 tops. That's where Kurt comes into the picture. But I just couldnt let the opportunity of taking his barebone up my bum pass me by. So the day before the gang bang, I get Kurt to myself. THEN, on Saturday the 20th, I will partake in my very first gangbang scene as one of the tops. I haven't topped much in my life, and I also have never felt another man's cum as I've fucked a bottom, so I cant wait to feel what that sensation will be like. The other tops in the scene will be announced once the filming is completed, and that's because, without fail, two or more of the names won't show up. As for Orion and Kurt, well, I am confident they will make it because they have both expressed such thoughts to me via emails these last couple weeks.

Photos and stories of my barebacking adventures of both scenes soon to cum...