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Who is your favorite top that fucked me in my gang bang scene in CUM-GREEDY FUCKHOLES?

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sean Storm and Wayne Grey in DIRECT DEPOSIT


  1. Boy!!!!! please!!!! turn!!!!! you are the best bottom of the world!!!!!!!!!!!! jejejejeje

    One kis!!!!!!!

  2. Hey Sean! Great nasty blog...OINK...pb was right...I'll cisit here often..OINK!

  3. KEPLER: I don't want to take anything away from what you think of me, because it was very much appreciated. I guess since i just love getting fucked and bred so much on film, that projects in my movies and allows the viewer to walk away from their purchase and actually feel they got their money's worth.
    AND ROSMAN: I was sooooo vanilla up until I started barebacking in my private life in 2000. That love of butt-cum eventually convinced me that doing condom films didnt make as happy as when I did it raw. Then the nasty side of me emerged, and TADA! CUM-SLOT!

  4. Awesome, Sean! Thanks for sharing. FYI..I love Desperate Housewives and The Office too!